Online Banking Login


New Online Banking LOGIN Instructions:

When you log into Online Banking for the first time, you will be required to enter your Login ID and Security Code.

LOGON ID is your Primary Member Number.  Your Logon ID must contain at least 6-digits.  If your Member Number is less than 6 digits, you must enter the leading zeroes to make it 6 digits. 

Member Number  12345 must be entered as 012345.
Member Number 1234   must be entered as  001234.
Member Number is 123   must be entered as  000123.

SECURITY CODE is the word security in lower case letters + the last 4-digits of the Primary Account Holder’s Social Security Number.
You will be prompted to change your LOGON and Security Code.

If the last 4-digits of the Social Security Number are 1234 then your Security Code is security1234

Once these are changed, you will use your NEW Logon ID and Security Code the next time you log on to Online Banking.

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing your online account, please clear your browsing history and remove our website from your favorites or bookmarks.  Please key in in your browser.  You may want to try opening the website in Microsoft Edge.