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Saving Mother Earth has become both a priority and a challenge for our society. Fortunately, adapting to eco-friendly solutions is simple for American Partner’s members with electronic services that are secure, convenient and easy! 


Manage Money with TellerTouch 24/7

American Partners Audio Voice Response system is available 24/7. Verify your balance, transfer funds, schedule payment transfers or just check your history.  You will need to know your member number and (PIN). Any member service representative will be happy to assist you!

Manage Money with Internet Banking

Signing up for Internet Banking is easy. Here you will be able to electronically manage your money from any device. You can conveniently check balances, view your history, make loan payments or transfer money. While you are at it, sign up for E-Statements through Internet Banking!  Access isn’t an issue since our services are compatible with all device types. Any member service representative will be happy to assist you!


*IMPORTANT - Please note that when you access internet banking, you will be doing so through a third-party site and any information you disclose after leaving American Partner's site will not be protected by our Privacy Policy.  

Login Here

Pay Bills with Electronic Bill Pay

Another great option you for your convenience is Electronic Bill Pay. There’s always a risk of security breach when you share your account information, card number, or even write a check. You can minimize that risk by using our Bill Pay service. You deposit the money to your account, schedule the payment no later than 10 days from the due date and it will be paid directly from your account!

Manage Credit Card Activity and Statements

With our GoToMyCard! you can stay up-to-date with your card activity, pending transactions, and view your history. CLICK HERE.

Order Checks Online

CLICK HERE to get your check order processed.

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking gives you quick access to your accounts from the convenience of any mobile device. You no longer need a home computer to check your balances, transfer funds, or use the online Billpay. Simply type in or download our app at the bottom of this page. Your account, always at your fingertips. 

Member Miles

Platinum Card Holders to redeem your points CLICK HERE.