Keep your debit card safer with the new contactless feature! With traditional cards, you have to swipe, insert or hand over your card altogether, any of which can spread germs and your card's information! Protect yourself by using a contactless debit card. 

Here are some details to get started:

  • Call 800.900.2729 to upgrade your card
  • Come see us and we will upgrade you at the branch
  • Your renewal card will automatically be contactless 
  • Any replacement card issued will be a contactless card

How to pay with your Contactless Card:

  • When prompted, hold your contactless card close to the contactless symbol (four curved lines) on the card terminal. 
  • If your purchase is approved, you'll receive confirmation either by a beep sound, checkmark, or green light. 

Who takes Contactless Cards? 

  • Gas stations, restaurants, stores, you name it!

Embrace the next step in card technology! We are here to help introduce, explain and help along the way. Stay on top of the technology game with American Partners!

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