The Difference

Ever feel like you don’t belong or that what’s important to you doesn’t matter? Although credit unions accept money for deposit, provide loans and other services similar to banks, we are really quite different.

  • We are member-owned, not-for-profit and exist for the sole purpose of serving our members.
  • We operate on cooperative principles, meaning we come together with others having a common purpose: to protect our hard earned money! 
  • We have a sense of social obligation where there is no room for judgement and everyone has an opportunity to learn about finances.
  • Only members benefit from shared profits with affordable options and better rates.
  • People helping people.
  • You belong with the other 200 million credit union members around the world. 
  • ICU Day is celebrated on the third Thursday of October to create awareness and celebrate the ways credit unions improve the lives of their members around the world.