Verified by Visa - Debit Card

Once you’ve established your free checking account with us, you may want to consider the added convenience of a Check Card. The APFCU Check Card allows you access to your money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Once you receive your Check Card, you will automatically be issued a PIN (personal identification number) enabling you to access and execute transactions at any ATM on the STAR/PLUS/CO-OP Network/MEMBERS ACCESS system. Your card can also be used as a VISA debit card, allowing you the convenience of a credit card transaction with any merchant accepting VISA Check Cards. The funds for each pin-based debit transaction are automatically deducted from your checking account.

In addition to receiving your card, you can be approved for Overdraft Protection – a line of credit that can be accessed through your Check Card or by simply writing a check. (Application Approval Required).

For financial transaction freedom and convenience, nothing beats a Check Card! Stop by or call us to get all the facts!

To assist you in understanding more about how your Check Card works, please check out these facts:

VISA Transaction: A check card transaction --- used mostly at merchant locations, a swipe (by you or a merchant) or telephone transactions. (This transaction will place a hold up to 3 days on your available balance.)
ATM Transaction: A withdrawal made by you at an ATM or at a merchant location in which you have entered your PIN number. Remember: Your money is now available immediately and deducted immediately!!
P.I.N.: Personal Identification Number
Account Balance: Actual Balance in your account
Available Balance: Your Account Balance less any holds or authorizations
Transaction Date: Date the transaction took place or the date the merchant charged your account
Business Day: A calendar day other than a Saturday, Sunday, or Federal Holidays
System Date: Actual business day

After hours phone numbers for Check Cards and VISA Credit Cards are as follows:


Check Cards 1-800-754-4128

VISA Credit Cards 1-800-442-4757

As of May 1, 2001, APFCU began charging $5.00 for replacement cards for 3 failed PIN # attempts. Please note that there is a 15 day turn around period to receive a new card and a new PIN…so be careful at the ATM!!!

Please direct all questions relating to Check Cards to an Account Specialist.