National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE)

The National Endowment for Financial Education, more commonly known as the NEFE program, is a seven unit high school financial planning program. With this free curriculum, students are taught how to: 

  1. Create their own financial plan
  2. Create their own budget
  3. Propose a personal saving and investing plan
  4. Select strategies to use in handling credit and managing their debt
  5. Demonstrate how to use various financial services
  6. Create a personal insurance plan
  7. Examine how their choice of career and lifestyle will affect their financial plan.

In 2008 alone, American Partners Federal Credit Union taught 54 financial education classes that included almost 250 students.  Teaching young people the significance of financial planning is extremely important.  Not only will it benefit the student in the future as an adult but it will benefit our credit union as well.  We believe that teaching them at a young age how to be financially responsible will help them to make smarter financial choices when they grow up; for example, the importance of paying their bills on time, alternatives to filing bankruptcy, and how to save for a house or car.  The NEFE program continues to be a great tool for teaching these financial planning classes.  The booklet allows teachers the flexibility to pick and choose the topics that are curriculum appropriate at the time.

For more information on the NEFE program click here.