Investment Areas

Boundary Description of Reidsville

Investment Area
Tract 0412 and 0414

North side beginning at the intersection of Parkland Road and Wentworth Street. East on Wentworth Street to Salem Church Road to Highway 14. Bordered on the East by Highway 14/158. Highway 14/158 then intersects with Highway 29. Bordered on East by Highway 29. Bordered on the West by Highway 29 (Business); heading north then turning into South Scales Street. West to W. Harrison Street to Vance Street Extension. Then turn North West on Pecan Road to Parkland Road to Wentworth Street.

Boundary Description of Eden

Investment Area
Tract 0402

Bordered on the North side by the Virginia State Line, the South by the Dan River (following the Dan River – North East as it exits into Pittsylvania County, Virginia): ending at the "no outlet" road at the Duke Power Steam Station; at the Dan River. Bordered on the West side by S. Edgewood Street to N. Edgewood Road, and then heading Northwest to Summit Road. At the end of Summit Road take a right on to Friendly Road; follow until you reach the Virginia State Line.


Are you interested in joining our credit union but you're not employed with one of our Select Employee Groups and you don't fall in one of our investment areas shown above? Not a problem! You can join through the Rockingham County Historical Society or the SPCA of the Triad. Ask one of our Account Specialists how you can join today!